practices for reducing stress

8 Practices for Finding a Sense of Ease When Overcome with Stress

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  Life can get really busy and extremely stressful and the less time we make for ourselves the busier it seems to get. As we allow everything around us to consume our attention and we take on more, we can begin to feel stressed and out of control and finding time for our own well-being gets put aside. We do …

benefits of Pranayama breathing

Finding My Center Through Pranayama

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At the beginning of August, I attended a transformative pranayama retreat, hosted by my teachers Ron Reid and Marla Joy from Downward Dog Yoga Studio and taught by their pranayama teacher, Sudhir Tiwari. It included pranayama preparation techniques, which are called kriyas, pranayama techniques, meditations and lectures by Sudhir. Sudhir’s knowledge of Ayurveda, asana histories, sutras and pranayama was obvious …