Let’s make Earth Day every day

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Earth Day

Its beautiful to take a day to appreciate the earth, it’s even more beautiful to appreciate the earth everyday, since it is our ultimate life support system. A system that we are a part of… Every day is Earth Day. So what are the things we can do to connect to being fully present with the time and place (now, on planet earth)we live in?


Taking time to meditate, to be still, to be in the moment with your breath allows us time to clear the chaos of everything that is bombarded at us and to allow our spirit the space to come forth. We brush our teeth every day to remove plaque, so why not meditate everyday to clear the noise of our man made world and allow our intentions, thoughts and ideas to come through with clarity. Basically meditation removes the emotional, physical, chattering plaque of daily life, allowing your spirit and mind to stay healthy and connect with the present.

Time in Nature

Take some time each day to find a bit of nature to meander in, even if you have to detour a little on the way to or from work to sit in a park for 15 minutes. Go hear the trees,and leaves rustle, birds chirp, springs babble, the wind whisper in your ear, the crunching of snow, or the sunlight on your face. Take a moment when you get out of your car or on your walk home to look up and see the day or night sky, observe the cycles of the moon, where the sun comes up or goes down over the horizon, where the stars are at different times of night.  These minute gestures, when made a habit, can be done in even a single moment, but they start connecting you to place, bringing you many momentary simple pleasures in the day.


Make an effort to understand where you food comes from, how close can you get to the source? Observe or learn how it is grown, what are the intentions of the companies or people involved, believe it or not these intentions are carried forth in our food.  The energy of a freshly picked apple with no pesticides is going to be completely different then one that has travelled thousands of miles for weeks at a time, yes if you take time to observe, you will notice the difference. Peas that were picked and frozen long ago are going to have a different vitality then ones picked freshly. What kind of energy do you choose to fuel your body with? Fresh and clean or frozen and canned? Trying to have some or all of your diet locally and in season can really help you connect to where you are, to what the earth is providing you with. But also there is a reason why different seasons supply different foods as they benefit us for that appropriate season. Like sprouts in spring are great for moving the stagnation of winter, we are coming alive, the earth is coming alive, everything is sprouting forth. And Elderberries are ready for harvest in August and September, just in time to make tinctures for flues and colds in the winter.  The earth provides, if we observe.

Share with me below of the little or big ways you honour the earth, lets honour this beautiful place we call home.

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  1. Camesha

    We are big on recycling in our home. My son had been learning more about it in his preschool class and recognized that we do at home what his teacher was talking about in class.

  2. roxy

    Its so good to be reminded of the things we take of granted everyday. I love the idea of celebrating “Earth Day’ every day to help us appreciate and connect with the gifts of the Earth, and in the process connection with our deeper selves. Thank you for the reminder of taking a little time out each day to appreciate Earth and Ourselves. xx

  3. Krystal Bernier

    I agree, earth day should be everyday! One thing the hubby and I do is shut off all electronics on Sunday – no screen day! We spend time in nature, with each other, and with friends. I think this makes a big difference.
    We tried doing no electricity days, but in the winter it is a little tough in Canada because we have very short daylight hours. Works good in the summer for us though. We wash dishes by hand, don’t use any electronics, again no screens, no lights so either read via candlelight when it’s dark, or just go to bed early.

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