Finding Balance in Social Media Usage

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Lately I have been too involved on the Internet, whether it’s checking social media on my phone and my email every other second, or sitting down at the computer to “ work” and end up doing the same thing, my excuse being I am trying to learn marketing for my company.  I find myself feeling drained, unproductive and distinctively unsatisfied by the end of the day.

As soon as I open my eyes, I grab my phone and check my email, fb etc.  It sets the tone for the day.  I believe it becomes a sickness, a habit, which produces a false sense of connection and ultimately because of checking the social media and email every 5 minutes results in an underlying sense of disconnection, dissatisfaction and disappointment, because nothing really changed from a few minutes ago.   Also having the phone by my bed with it turned on all night is really terrible for my sleep vibrations in terms of radiation.

So realizing I needed to create a change,I have started turning my phone to airplane mode when I go to sleep.  To change the tone of my day, I am not checking my phone for at least an hour or two until after I get up, giving that time instead to have a technology free mind to do my morning practices, do-in, yoga and meditation, enjoying my breakfast and dressing for the day.  At night I again put it off limits at least an hour or so before I go to bed, giving myself time to light some candles, do some gratitude writing for the days events, and meditation to clear the chaos and activity of the day.
I find when approaching my day this way, I am less eager to check my phone every 5 minutes and taking more time to look around me at nature, working with more focus on any projects I have, as well as more likely to engage with creative projects and other people.  My day feels more satisfying, more connected and more productive.

Finding the path to connection

Finding the path to connection

Share with me below any ways you deal with social media in your life.

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