New Moon in Sagittarius: Move from Centre

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What does it mean to be free?

When you read the words, what happens in your body? Does it tingle? Do the places where rigidity rules growl, hoping that you will notice enough to pay attention? And what then? What do we do with the information we gather?

What would it feel like to put everything down? (You know the things I’m talking about…the ones that weigh your arms down, the ones that pull your shoulders forward and cause that crink in your neck.)

What would it feel like it to put it all down? What would it feel like to give ourselves permission to dream bigger? To love bigger?
And what does that even mean?

What would it feel like to get naked—to strip all the way down to the bone until only our hearts were beating in space, held only by a cage of ribs? Is that what freedom is? The ability to breathe in all four directions?

This new moon, may we send breath where we need her most; may we be willing to step into humility and put down what no longer serves us and may our ideas grow rampant like wildflowers so that when we wake refreshed from our plantings, we race into a field of our very own blossoms.

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