Zen Nomad Yoga Wear

Zen is a state of being, of non-judgment, of non-harmfulness, of feeling at peace and cultivating that sense of awareness, ability to observe and be.

Zen life balance is when you are tapped into “the source” and flow.  When your reach this state, veils drop and the life becomes simple, you are able to recognize what is important in life and what is not.  That which is creating noise and distracting you from the truth becomes easy to let go of.  Things become simple, clear, peaceful, and beautiful.  Life begins to move gently like the ebb and flow of the ocean and of breath.

In an aesthetic that includes simplicity, elegance and appreciation of the beautiful integrity of nature and its processes, Zen Nomad honours the elements of yoga such as peacefulness and non-harmfulness.   Zen Nomad is about being connected to the flow of nature, the flow of beauty.

An expression of simple, slow, uncluttered, authentic, undeclared beauty. To be at peace with the perfectly imperfect, just as nature is perfectly imperfect, is the space of a zen nomad. Being satisfied and open hearted in the moment, appreciating the natural flow and beauty around you. When you are zen you become nomadic, you don’t necessarily have to go anywhere but you are accepting of the flow of life and landscape of transformation that is constantly changing within your connection to source (chi, energy, the universe around us)

Our philosophy is:

Peace in our bodies,

peace in our minds,

peace in our spirits.

Zen Nomad was started in 2012 by designer Sonja den Elzen.  Inspired by her deepening involvement in yoga and a desire to find yoga wear that was more natural and in the soft natural jersey fabrics she enjoyed using in her Thieves collection, she decided to apply her design aesthetics to yoga wear.

After an intense emersion in the world of fashion, Zen Nomad was founded on a sabbatical journey to find connection, peace and time to nurture those things that make life beautiful. Upon developing a dailly practice after casually studying yoga off and on for 10 years, and realizing that between studying yoga and zen shiatsu Sonja was finding the connection and peace she was looking for.  Sonja also found herself designing yoga clothing to practice in.  Soft, organic textures, beautiful, natural and simple colours, pieces that could be layered and allow one to move about in without looking like they lived in work out clothes all day.  Zen Nomad was being birthed as a perfect compliment to merge Sonja’s creative designing language with the world of intention and yoga she was finding herself self more involved in.