Holistic Transformation & Wellness Month

I invite you to experience a month of being fully supported in your wellness transformation journey. During your month, you will experience a sense of community with the small group of members and myself. You will feel supported in your journey and in having a holistic approach to your wellness, be nurtured by shiatsu treatments, yoga classes, private wellness transformation consultation and mapping and a mediation workshop .

Find out more about the  Holistic Transformation & wellness Month.

Book a Retreat

Our retreats, whether a weekend in the forest by the lake or a week somewhere tropical by the ocean, are a place to connect with your inner peace, well being and nature.  A beautiful experience with yoga, meditation, personal time, vegetarian whole foods, and time to experience and connect with the natural wonder of the place we are in. Find out more about our retreats here.

Yoga Classes

Using movement to connect our breath, body, mind and spirit to be present in the moment. Wether you are new to the practice or have been practicing for some time, Sonja will work with you to find a practice that is suitable for you and where you are at, that will bring you to a place of vitality and mobility. Find out more about yoga classes and privates here.

Zen Shiatsu Sessions

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork based on the five element theory of Chinese Medicine. It is extremely gentle and results in a very, deep state of relaxation that enables the body’s own healing powers to circulate. Find out more about booking a zen shiatsu appointment here.

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Zen Nomad Yoga Lifestyle Collection is an elegant collection of yoga wear designed by Sonja den Elzen locally made in Canada.  This lifestyle collection can carry you from your yoga class through to your daily life outside of class with modern, timeless pieces that layer wonderfully throughout your wardrobe.

We trust that you, like us probably prefer to have the luxury of natural and soft products touching your skin. This collection is made with premium natural and sustainable fabrics with low impact and natural dyes.

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Incredible connective experiences



Come and find peace and well being in the beauty of nature. Immerse in yoga, mediation, healthy organic vegetarian

eating, all infused with earth based wellness guidance.


By learning self empowering holistic living practices through connecting to the elements along with the natural order and

flow of life, you will more easily understand how to nurture yourself with eating and lifestyle adjustments.


At each retreat we will be connecting to the time of year and season, of the location we exploring, through the locally grown

food we eat, and by understanding of the elements of that season and how they effect the yin/yang balance of our

surroundings and ourselves.

Our intention is to create tools for living a balanced lifestyle within the beautiful settings of nature.










I look forward to connecting with you!

Share Your Daily Practice

What is your daily practice, what connects you to the source, to your inner most self, your breath, your spirit?

Do you practice breath and asanas of yoga, tai chi, meditate, walk, smile, connect with your breath?

Do you find curiosity and delight in the flow of life and the paths you cross?


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Do You Practice Gratitude?

What are you grateful for, what makes you smile and feel abundant?

Is it the day outside, the small but kind interaction, someones thoughtfulness?


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How Do You Find Your Peace?

What connects you to feelings of peace, what rituals are part of your day to connect you with peace?

Do you ring a bell, listen to music, smile, light a candle, connect with your breath?


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