I am a yoga + meditation instructor + zen shiatsu therapist. I love working with clients one on one through private yoga and zen shiatsu sessions, as well as teaching groups and hosting retreats. Facilitating opportunities and nurturing environments for people looking to find their path to peace, well-being and connection in life. Continually exploring my own practices allow me to lead people on a journey that expands beyond the mat and provides them with nurturing and centering skills to use in their daily life.

I discovered yoga and meditation in 2002 and zen shiatsu in 2010 and through an ever evolving journey, find that connection to self and the world around us in an authentic way is a path of constant transformation and I feel blessed to share what I have learned along this path with others.

In 2012 I began Zen Nomad as a yoga apparel line and it now houses my collective visions as a portal to yoga lifestyle, wellness, retreats and the apparel line.

I can be found in Toronto and at retreats that I take clients on in various tropical locations around the world or in cottage country in Ontario for yoga, meditation and delicious local healthy food.

For my personal practice I enjoy my daily practices of ashtanga, yin, meditation, and more recently exploring kundalini yoga as well as spending time with senior teachers and healthy amount of time mindfully taking in the forest atmosphere or as the Japanese call it “Shinrin Yoku”,

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