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Yoga Vacation & Weekend Yoga Retreat

Dreaming of a yoga vacation?

Have you been dreaming of getting out into beautiful, natural surroundings and find some peace and connection to your well being?

Does life seem to be out of balance and have you racing? Would you enjoy a beautiful simple experience with a small group in a rejuvenating yoga vacation? Would you like to learn or develop some simple life balancing practices?

Our yoga retreats are focused on yoga including vinyasa and yin, meditation, whole healthy food, and beautiful, connective experiences in nature. A big component of our yoga weekend retreats is taking the time to be with nature.  Wether its watching the sun rise or set in meditative silence, or gently exploring the local floral and fauna.

Our yoga retreats are all about enjoying the ebb and flow of the ocean, or the trickling of a stream the easiest way to feel connected and at peace is through observing the elements whether it’s a yoga retreat in a tropical location or a local retreat in cottage country. Food is natural, whole vegetarian food that is relevant to the season and location of the yoga vacation or yoga weekend retreat, with discussions on why this food is appropriate for yin/yang balance and on living a holistic, balanced lifestyle. Personal time is also valued, as this is a large part of finding peace within ourselves. Our intention is to give you a gently guided, warm hearted space to connect with your well being and to find delight, magic and abundance in daily life through a deeper connection to yourself and your surroundings.

Check out our retreat space, Cedar Healing Arts, for upcoming retreats in Muskoka, Ontario.  Connect with nature and nurture yourself.  We have personal self care retreats and group retreats.

Retreat at Cedar Healing Arts in Muskoka


Our sunrise yoga practices with Sonja were magical.


I had two amazing private yoga classes on the beach with the wonderful Sonja. Can you say “blissed out?”


Sonja's Message