shiatsu with sonja


July 2017

Join me for a month of transformation through shiatsu, yoga, mediation and personal consultations.

This month will provide you the opportunity to learn self-empowered wellness techniques that will improve your quality of sleep, relieve stress or anxiety, increase your mental and emotional clarity, and connect with your deeper self.

I will support and guide you with the holistic and unique approach of combining shiatsu treatments and consultations with yoga practice. Become self empowered through the self-awareness and relaxation tools of yin yoga or immerse yourself in the energetic and strengthening yang yoga flow.

If you are just beginning your transformation journey or you are looking to reinvigorate one you are already on, this is for you.

During the month you will receive (chose package 1 or 2):

Package 1 ($265)

  • Shiatsu treatment
  • 4 yoga classes (yin or vinyasa (yang) with small group
  • 40 minute personal consultation
  • pass to meditation & yoga nidra workshop (optional)

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Package 2 ($459)

  • 2 Shiatsu treatments
  • 4 yin yoga classes and 4 vinyasa (yang ) yoga classes with small group
  • 40 min personal consultation at beginning of month
  • 40 min personal consultation at end of month
  • pass to mediation & yoga nidra workshop

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• Experience more direction in your transformation and wellness journey
• Enjoy the support of someone who is assisting you in developing your deeper intentions
• Start understanding how to nurture your self
• Develop tools to ease stress and anxiety, as well as being supported through shiatsu treatments.
• Move from feeling isolated in your journey to being part of a community
• Cultivate mindfulness
• Improved quality of life and sense of well-being



Each month holds a unique workshop towards the end of the month. This month’s workshop will focus on building a meditation practice and positive affirmations, which we will then use in the final part of the workshop in a yoga nidra practice. Yoga nidra is a practice for about 15- 20 minutes in savasana, while you are talked through body awareness, bringing you to a place of super consciousness, where you then are able to mentally plant your personal affirmation. This practice leaves you feeling as though you have just had 8 hours sleep.

The final gift you will receive at the end of the month is a special yoga nidra recording so that you may continue to use this practice at home.

During the month you will receive:
  • 2 personal shiatsu treatments – Shiatsu can help in a wide range of conditions – from specific injuries to more general symptoms of poor health. Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience and regular treatments help to prevent the build up of stress in our daily lives and help us to be in the flow of the Tao by opening the flow of our own qi (energy).Balance and open flow of qi helps our bodies to restore energy levels, reduce anxiety and stress, improves immune system and improves sleep. At Lunar Healing Arts Collective in Gravenhurst, Muskoka Area.
  • 4 yin yoga group classes – Yin yoga is a slow paced practice, with postures that are held for 3 -5 minutes in mostly seated or laying down positions, allowing the body to slowly release tension and penetrate the deeper connective tissues (tendons, fascia, and ligaments) as well as the energetic systems of the body, bringing the body into balance and increasing it’s natural range of motion. Yin yoga improves flexibility, circulation in the joints, the flow of qi; the subtle energy that runs through the meridian pathways of the body, which in turn helps improve organ health, immunity and emotional well-being. With this practice you will feel refreshed, renewed and restored.At Lunar Healing Arts Collective in Gravenhurst.
  • During these classes you will also learn about the different elements and their paired meridian systems as part of your journey to self empowered wellness.
  • Class dates to be announced.
  • 4 yang yoga group classes – Yang yoga is more actively paced and in this class we will be practicing an ashtanga based vinyasa flow, using a series of postures to align movement with breath. The yang style removes stagnant qi, strengthens and increases stamina.  ** dates to be finalized At Lunar Healing Arts Collective in Gravenhurst.
  • 1 – 40 minute private consultations at the beginning of the month – during your private session we will establish what you are looking to find in your path to wellness and how I can best support you in that journey, each person is an individual with there own personal intentions and we will uncover those.
  • 1 -40 minute private consultation at the end of the month – refine and map your journey and next steps
  • 1 group workshop (something new each month)  – establishing a meditation practice along with a yoga nidra session and group / personal work on establishing a positive affirmation for your yoga nidra practice. At Lunar Healing Arts Collective in Gravenhurst.
  •  special bonus with this workshop. 1 recorded yoga nidra for your continued use at home.
  • Access to a private group facebook page where you can be part of a community and share your experience in the journey of your own transformation, your challenges and your celebrations.



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Transform your day-to-day life to support you in the nurturing way that a retreat would in a week.

Please contact me at for more info or any questions or concerns,  if you have specific time requirements we can also discuss options.