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Private Yoga Lessons : Intro to Yoga

$ 480.00

Product Description

Intro to yoga is a great way to get familiar with yoga basics, breath and alignment. This package includes 6 one-on-one lessons in the privacy of your own home.

Whether you are just starting yoga or have been practicing for some time the one-on-one sessions are tailored to fit your needs. Sessions can be modified for all ranges of motion, ability levels and any age. Sessions can be modified to what you need that day, whether its a gentle yin session or a challenging flow, it’s for you to choose. Perhaps you would like to start going to a mysore room and are looking for an introduction to the ashtanga primary series.

If you are just beginning we will explore the fundamentals and introduce you to the practice of yoga while helping you build a strong foundation so that you will easily transition into group classes.

In your own home or we can arrange a studio for an additional cost, which ever is most appropriate for you.

Offer only valid in the Downtown Toronto and Orangeville.


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